In this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, competitors Cataal (Aarakokra), Deathslash (Dragonborn), and Constatine (Dwarf) are taken from their home fantasy world and placed into the hellscape that is Alton Brown's throat-cutting kitchen.

Challenge One Edit

Their first challenge was to make Macaroni and Cheese, and it was surprisingly challenging for the three boys. Cataal only managed to grab a box of Kraft Mac'n'Cheese, Deathslash got decent produce, but no meat products, and Deathslash somehow managed to grab all GMO-free all natural products, though he did not have access to spoons. Despite this, Cataal's poorly made dish looked the best (with Constatine at a close second for presentation). even though his ingredients were all the best, Deathslash had breathed fire on his dish, charring it, and rendering it inedible. He was promptly disqualified and sent to Helk, where everyone knows all failed competitors go when they fail.

Challenge Two Edit

The second challenge, the dessert round, challenged the finalists to create apple pie and ice cream. Cataal had his oven taken away from him since he did not bid for the challenge. Cataal makes a beautiful pie in a dutch oven, with green chili-cheese crust and a cinnamon-nutmeg apple filling, along with a glass of deconstructed ice cream (milk). Constatine's creation is hot crust filled with ice cream that immediately melts.

Cataal won, and since he never spent a cent, he won double. He is a sore winner, and happily rubbed his winnings all over his feathers.

Escape From Helk Edit

During the second challenge, Deathslash makes history as the first contender to escape from Helk. by setting things on fire, he lights the way out of the maze prison. Unfortunately, he quickly began to feel the loving pull of Helk that poisons the minds of its inhabitants that makes them want to stay. He fights it, but misses the otherworldly hell.

Deathslash rejoined his team when Cataal won, and immediately jumped to fight Alton Brown, along with Constantine, but he tripped. Because of the interruption, Cataal's winnings dissipate into thin air, causing him to leap into action against the evil show host as well.

The contestants fought bravely, and Cataal dealt the "killing" (as we all know that Alton Brown will never die) blow, he told them that they were worthy, and they dispersed into the ether.

They will be missed.

Alton Brown's Stats Edit

Alignment Chaotic Evil
strength 9
dexterity 9
constitution 10
intelligence 13
wisdom 14
charisma 14